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POLITICS: What's beneath the fury at Alan Henning's murder?

I first read today's Guardian front page piece "British Muslims unite in fury at ISIS murder of Alan Henning" as welcome news in an otherwise horrendous news item. British Muslims - I thought - are finally denouncing the Islamic State for the barbarous band of mercenaries it really is. That is, until I read further.
"Film-maker Bilal Abdul Kareem, who helped in the negotiations when he was first captured, also accused Cameron of not doing enough to help. He added that Isis knew the strength of opposition to the murder, but chose to "spit in the Muslims' eye to show them who is boss"."
You see, it's not the beheading of an innocent father which is really galling in the world of moderate Islam. Not the ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Kurds, force slavery of young girls, filming murders of any journalist daring enough to shed light on their atrocities. No, the real spit in the eye is to have timed this with Eid.
 Eid is the celebration of the attemp…