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RECIPE: Super easy high-protein microwave cooked gungo bean paste

This is a Dads' recipe: one I've concocted while preparing meals for 3 toddlers. I wanted a high protein healthy lunch with minimum preparation.

It's super simple: you just need to get hold of the ingredients.
Gungo peas are 49p per can in my local corner shop. The coriander is also cheap in Barnet. 50p
- Gungo peas 300ml can - passata (2tb) or 1 large fresh tomato diced - fresh coriander (fistful) - lemon - olive oil
Pour the can of beans in a large bowl. Pour about two teaspoons of olive oil on. Microwave on full power (800w) for 2min 30. Take them out, chop in a big fistful of coriander as small as you can manage. Two tablespoons of pasta tomato sauce or passata will make them smoother but chopped fresh tomatoes work too.
Add salt, pepper, squeeze on half a lemon or lime, squash with a fork to get the consistency you like. I prefer them soft but not too mushy.
Stir, microwave for another 1min.
Serve piping hot on brown bread. Grate on whatever cheese you have…

REVIEW: This October's Watchtower (Jehovah's Witnesses)

Hot off the press, folks! The Watchtower is out, and it's sparklingly insightful as always. It's based on three face-melting questions the editors put to God: prepare to have your minds blown.

1. "Why do you allow suffering?"

Any guesses as to how the Watchtower answers this (unfortunately God didn't show up as guest editor, so they have to provide their own answers)? No prize for guessing right... clue: it involves the words 'mysterious' and 'strange'.

Come on all ye faithful, it's basic Sunday School material, not rocket science. Switch your brains on. God allows suffering because he's so strange and mysterious, OK? Like David Copperfield making a guest appearance at a Derren Brown gig, God will leave you reeling with awe, shivering with delight at the cleverness of His mystery when the chips are called in on Judgement Day. It's all a big cosmic joke, with millions of children dying of unnecessary painful diseases and preventable ill…

Amazon promotions: the Schroedinger's Cat of online course promotions

In the legendary quantum physics experiment, Schroedinger's cat was proven to be both alive and dead. There and not there. So it is with Amazon's endorsement of its products. I have stopped all emails from Amazon after receiving this one earlier this week.

The mind boggles. Amazon - possibly the world's largest owner of intellectual property and information - is promoting online courses in 'psychic development' and 'spiritual healing'. How exactly they come up with £19 and £24 as the price for each online tutorial is baffling to me.
Surely this is one for Advertising Standards. Charging money to be taught how to use psychic powers is up there with Homeopathy and Quantum Healing as snake oil salesmanship of the most callous variety.
Amazon ought to know better than to promote this new age bullshit, lending their credibility to quacks and charlatans.
I'm sure there will be some sort of get-put clause, stating that their smallprint disclaimer for the promo…