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NEWS: Was the fox an atheist?

So a fox butchered some penguins in Australia.

 Fox breaks into exhibit and kills 14 penguins in Melbourne zoo | World news | The Guardian -

Did he believe in God? No. So his murderous spree must have been down to atheism. According to Bill O'Reilley, the Fox News anchor

This is a rhetoric we are hearing now any time a mass killing or awful murder spree happens in the USA. When a nutbag blows himself up in the name of God it's embarrassing. Religious groups scramble to distance themselves from violence because they know their texts justify or even recommend it. The Bible, the Qur'an, the Torah are equally bloody, violent and dangerous when actually followed. 

So what can they do? Well, find an equivalence. If some murders are Godly, then the others must be ungodly and attributed to atheism. A madman kills: blame Richard Dawkins. After all, we get blamed when God is invoked, why shouldn't Dawkins pay for the nonreligious crimes? Fox News' anchors are full of this.

It's a callous, petty and calculating attempt to manufacture fear of secularism among gullible audiences.

Luckily it doesn't work outside America. The atheist movement is gathering speed in the UK and elsewhere. Podcasts like Godless Spellchecker's or Adam Reakes' combine satire (a dying art if ever there was one) and a high standard of interview and commentary on the absurdities of religious privilege. Filling the chasm left by media outlets which afford religious representatives constant opportunities to fill airwaves and breakfast 'news' with their nonsense. When Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens (RIP) or Laurence Krauss debated apologists the crushing is palpable. New Atheists tend to be intellectuals with a serious background, debating meat puppets.

The results are clear. Last year's polls put nonreligious Britons at over 56% of polls. Among the under-25s, who are much more likely to seek alternative news sources online, the dissent from religion is higher still.

Moral of the story: you can smear the movement all you like. Nonbelief is now the majority and outright atheism is increasingly being seen for what it is. A lack of belief in one more God than Christians, Muslims or Jews.

The penguin-killing fox tells you exactly nothing about the truth or untruth of religion. So it is with human crimes. An atheist can be a murderer or a humanitarian doctor; what he doesn't believe in is irrelevant. However, a murderer who believes in God is just that bit more convinced of his righteousness and reward in heaven. This is the uncomfortable truth Fox News can't handle.


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