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COMMENT: My heart sinks like cold spaghetti

Richard Godwin's editorial in today's Evening Standard 'My heart sinks at the 'humour' of Boaty McBoatface' proves once again how grossly misunderstood atheism still is in the UK press.

The piece first points out that the naming of the Natural Environment Research Council's vessel, and the subsequent campaign to drown out any researchers who objected to the not-so-hilarious "Boaty McBoatface" exemplifies the worst of anti-intellectualism. A valid point. But onto this bandwagon he tethers a rant against atheists celebrating Pastafarian weddings  as a 'piece of facetiousness'.
Mr Godwin has failed to do his homework.
Bobby Henderson began the Pastafarian movement in the USA as a legal challenge to the teaching of ideological nonsense dressed up as science, under the pretentious label of "intelligent design". If belief…