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COMMENT: Hillary is Coming out Trumps

 The roaring success of Trump's nomination in the White House race is the gift that keeps on giving to Hillary Clinton's team. What more could a Democratic nominee ask for? Or indeed her electorate.

Hillary Clinton is outrageously qualified for the job, speaks to all the liberal values held by her party from minority rights to gender issues, and has the opponent made in heaven with Trump. Which liberal wouldn't brave boredom, the appeal of the sofa and bad weather on Election Day to keep this good-for-nothing racist flapmouth out of office? The increasing ranks of Trump-loathing Republicans may even vote Hillary with puckered faces and rubber gloves on.

Mrs Clinton's experience under Obama as Secretary of State stands her in excellent stead to learn from the foreign policy mistakes of the last two governments and to build on their strengths. The historic Obamacare measures have improved - although not fully - the nation's health prospects and made vital strides towards addressing social inequalities endemic in many deprived US states. This won't be forgotten by Democrats come Election Day, but neither will Obama's self-professed impotence to win over the House or the Senate on many key issues such as gun control.

But here lies the change Hillary can make to Democratic leadership. Where Obama was (to some degree rightly) perceived and received as a naive outsider by the institutionalised politicos of each of the two houses which could actually implement real change, Hillary is very much an insider. From filibustering in lawmaking to handling the media and making cross-party deals, her decades of experience in the harsh realities of office will allow her to pass laws and policies where Obama couldn't.

What is my evidence for this? Listen to the latest season of the Serial podcast (on iTunes). This extraordinary investigation into the release of Beau Berghdahl in 2011 sheds a harsh light on the reality of international negotiations with the Taliban. Clinton's role in this hostage exchange demonstrates the deep intricacies of such politics as well as the lessons her administration
learned from making premature announcements to the public about the soldier's release. 

Democrats couldn't ask for a more qualified candidate than Clinton, notwithstanding the dubious husband's backhand dealings during his presidency.

Bring on the presidential elections and let's witness the fall of jester-Trump and the rise of the best-qualified US politician in recent political history.


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