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RELIGION: My monthly flirt with Mr. DimWitness

I do love a good dose of Armageddon with my morning coffee. When I walked up Barnet High street, a man in a fancy suit gave me a coy smile. But I'm just not sure my flirtation with my local Witness is working out.
Dearest Mr Dim Witness, I'm disappointed. If you are going to flirt with me by handing me your glossy leaflet, distributing it to every other passer-by in the very public high street is just not on. I'm sure you won't mind my little review.

So, dear readers, here we go. First among this month's dazzling topics:

- If the Bible is from God, should it be able to endure any threat to its existence?
Any guesses as to the answer of the first question? Perhaps the Bible's many reeditions, translations, conflicting statements about the most foundational statements regarding the birth of Jesus in the Gospels of Mark or John or the number of days in which the earth was made in Genesis; any of the former would encourage the Witnesses to take a critical crowbar …